Night Fountain #1

Night Fountain #1
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
December, 2010
Balboa Park features several fountains, but the largest is at one end of a long, grand pedestrian walkway.  Most nights, this fountain has been silent.  On this night, however, it was blasting away, lit from below by several bright yellow spotlights.

This is a long exposure, 3/10 of a second.  The LCD screen on my PowerShot is quite small, and my eyesight isn't the best anymore.  So I wasn't sure how the water would look until I opened the file on my computer.  I was very happily surprised that the water had gone a little silky, without losing the form and shadow.  I love the light in this photograph.


Green Oak said...

Nice picture - the colors are amazing. Your comment, "I wasn't sure how it would look until I opened it on the computer" reminded me that in the 'old days' it wasn't until the film was developed did you find out if you had something magical.

Will Scarvie said...

That's what it feels like, alright. My PowerShot has a tiny little LCD, and my eyes are getting worse with age. Combine the two and I almost might as well be shooting film!

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