Golden Ornament

Golden Ornament
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
December, 2010
This is a ball ornament, about eight inches across, lit from within by LEDs.  While the red balls on this tree appear to have water condensed on the inside surface, this one appears to have melted somehow.  It's an interesting mystery, given the notable lack of heat given off by the LED lamp.  Whatever the reason, I find the combination of light and texture beautiful and fascinating.


virtualdogsbody said...

I clicked on this to englarge it, and then clicked again to get it to full size... and wow.

Will Scarvie said...

The texture is just incredible, isn't it? And, having gone back to revisit this tree, I think this really is condensation within the ball. Somehow. It doesn't look like any pattern water should create, but there clearly _is_ water on there, when you see this ornament in person.

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