Table with a View, #2

Table with a View #2
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
November, 2010

Another view of the table and chairs, placed by someone with a sense of humor atop this tall stone monument/chimney.

In this case, I kept the image in color, because I liked the complimentary colors: blue sky with the orange stones and rust.  The chair in the lower right is at once distracting and interesting.  I can't decide whether I like it there or hate it.  Any attempt to frame this photo with more of the lower chair necessarily included intrusive background greenery, unbalanced empty space to one side of the chimney or the other, or both.

It only occurs to me now that I could have easily taken that lower chair down, shot an ever better scene, then replaced it.  Maybe this will all still be in place when I return next weekend.

I'd also love to get a shot of a couple, seated across from each other in the higher pair of chairs, trying to make the best of the situation. convince someone to climb up there...  The seats of the upper pair of chairs are, I would guess, (only) ten feet off the ground.


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