Open Spanish Window

Open Spanish Window
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
November, 2010
I spent some time this weekend walking around the edges of Balboa Park, looking for places I'd never been.  At one end, there is a collection of buildings.  Along the backside of one, a single window is of the older, mullioned style, with most of its panes painted over.  The rest of the windows in the area are modern, aluminum-framed single panes.  I found this one visually interesting, and it was standing open, a clothed table just inside with a bowl atop it.  It caught my eye, because of the shapes and lines, but also because of the story it seemed to tell.

I chose black-and-white here because, with exception of the dark wooden posts and the deep shadowed interior, the rest of the photo is wall and window, all painted the same beige.  I feel that the use of black-and-white removed the distracting same-ness, emphasizing the story implied by the window, and focusing the eye on the textures of the paint, the reflection, and the partially painted wooden beam.


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