Night Arches

Night Arches
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
November, 2010
Balboa Park features a formal garden, bordered on one side by these ornamental arches.  At night, the ground lights show off the arches and the trees above.

I like the contrast between the hard arch of stucco and the graceful arching curves of the tree's trunk and branches.

Composing this shot was an interesting challenge.  There is a parking lot just beyond, with an assortment of lights and reflectors.  Finding a position that showed off the tree and arch well, while masking the distracting elements beyond, took some time.


David said...

I like this one. I find night pictures very difficult to take, but you've made good source of the available light. Looks like the beginning of a ghost story...

Will Scarvie said...

Thanks very much, David. I'm glad you like it. I like the idea of a ghost story photograph. Seems to me that would be a heck of a good idea for a themed photography project.

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